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B2S brings the sofa cleaning services in Ahmedabad to your doorstep. Stop your sofa from becoming a breeding ground for germs and creating health problems for you and your family. Getting your sofa deep cleaned also helps increase the lifespan of your furniture. All B2S Cleaning Professionals use eco-friendly and chemical-free products. You can avail the B2S service for upholstery cleaning in Ahmedabad for all your furniture by booking a sofa cleaning package or for individual furniture pieces. Book B2S professionals for sofa and carpet cleaning in Delhi for a complete living room cleaning session.

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When Should You Book A Sofa Cleaning Service?

1.Every 2 months to keep your sofa maintained and dust free.

2.To remove odours, spill stains or crumbs.

3.Before or after a party or get together.

What Does Our Sofa Cleaning Include?

Fabric Sofa Cleaning:

  • Dry vacuuming of the front and back side of the sofa using vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  • Wet Shampooing of sofa using Professional grade solution.
  • Wet vacuuming of sofa to remove dirty water.

Leather Sofa Cleaning:

  • Dry Vacuuming / manual wiping of the front and back side of the sofa using microfiber cloth.
  • Special chemical to sanitize and clean the sofa with microfiber cloth/duster.
  • Special Leather polish for increasing the life of the leather.
  • Customer to wait for 3-4 hours for the sofa to dry before use.

3 Things to Do After The Sofa Cleaning

1.Put the leather sofa in a well-ventilated area. Since some cleaning chemicals may have a strong smell, this will ensure that the air inside your house does not smell too much of these chemicals after the cleaning is complete.

2.If you cannot move your leather sofa, make sure to cover other furniture pieces and decorative items in your living room. This will save them from absorbing any chemical sprayed on your sofa for cleaning.

3.Even if you hire a reputed company offering the best sofa cleaning services in Delhi, you need to make sure that you get the desired results. An easy way to do that is to make a note of the spots, stains, etc. on the sofa that you want the cleaner to focus on and then share them with the professional before he starts cleaning.

Why B2S?

1.Vacuuming, Shampooing & Drying of the Sofa: From dry vacuuming and wet shampooing to sanitizing and mechanized drying, B2S cleaning professionals make sure to deep clean your sofa thoroughly that provides lasting effects for 2-3 months.

2.Well-Trained & Verified Cleaners: All B2S professionals are trained and taken through levels of background verification before getting on board to ensure the quality of work.

3.Insurance Against Damage: With B2S you get insurance coverage up to Rs. 10,000 on every booking against any damage.

4.Usage of Professional grade Chemicals: Considering the hygiene of your sofa, we at B2S only use Professional grade non-hazardous chemicals for sofa cleaning.

5.Flexibility: B2S provides you a comprehensive professional sofa cleaning service at your doorstep to meet all your cleaning needs at your chosen place and time.

What Other Cleaning Services Does B2S Offer?

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  • Professional Car Cleaning service in Ahmedabad
  • Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning service in Ahmedabad
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning service in Ahmedabad
  • Professional Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad

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